AI-assisted hardware cheat capable of shooting video games flawlessly

AI-assisted hardware cheat capable shooting video games flawlessly

The cheat can detect the enemy on the screen and fire in about 10ms, and is effective in games at up to 240fps

As a rule, anti-cheating systems are developed without taking into account the fact that the system on which the game is running may be initially compromised. For example, for a PC, such anti-cheating systems are kernel-level drivers that monitor the system memory for modifications that could affect the game. Anti-cheating systems for consoles rely on system-level security mechanisms to block any unsigned code from running (until the system has been compromised).

Recently, more and more cheats appear that can effectively bypass the aforementioned anti-cheating systems. By using external tools such as capture cards and input device emulators, along with machine learning vision software running on a separate computer, these cheats completely undermine the security environment provided by PC and game console manufacturers. In this regard, game developers are forced to look for alternative methods of detecting and blocking such cheats.

Cheats that rely on external tools and emulated input devices are nothing new, but they’ve gotten a lot of attention over the past few days thanks to a viral promo video. This video advertises a tool that the ArsTechnica publication gave the code name CVCheat (the real name was not disclosed for obvious reasons).

Current versions of CVCheat provide some basic automation features, including a “trigger bot” feature that detects when an enemy is targeted by the player and automatically commands them to fire. The tool also has an automatic recoil adjustment that can stabilize the player’s target by virtually moving the mouse to completely change the recoil after each shot (OCR helps determine which weapon is being used for specific recoil settings in this case).

The developers of the cheat promise in the next versions to add computer vision to it, providing “undetectable, unstoppable full automatic sight [and] full automatic shot”, which works “in any game” on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The Pro version promises these additional features for a $ 50 “donation”. Although this proposal has disappeared from the CVCheat website in recent days, it is still present on the developer’s Discord channel.

According to the administrator of the CVCheat Discord channel, using the pseudonym LordofCV, a future version of the cheat will be able to detect the enemy on the screen and shoot in about 10ms, and efficiently play games at up to 240 frames per second. As explained by LordofCV, the detection algorithm currently “needs some tweaking” by the user, but the threshold can be adjusted to “catch whatever moves.”

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