Almost 95% of ransomware targets Windows, according to VirusTotal

Almost 95% ransomware targets Windows, according VirusTotal

VirusTotal specialists presented a large report on the activity of ransomware in recent years, and for this, experts analyzed 80 million samples of ransomware.

It turned out that in 2020 and the first half of 2021, a total of 130 different ransomware families were detected, and Israel, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Singapore, India, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Iran and the United Kingdom are most affected by their attacks. At the same time, it is noted that such high numbers for Israel are most likely due to the fact that many companies there are automating their applications.

The researchers write that most of this activity came from the GandCrab (78.5%) hack group, followed by Babuk (7.61%), Cerber (3.11%), Matsnu (2.63%), Wannacry ( 2.41%), Congur (1.52%), Locky (1.29%), Teslacrypt (1.12%), Rkor (1.11%) and Reveon (0.70%).

Most active ransomware by the number of detected samples

“Attackers are using a number of approaches, including the well-known botnet malware and remote access Trojans (RATs), to deliver ransomware programs,” the researchers said. “In most cases, they use fresh or brand new ransomware models for their campaigns.”

The report states that 93.28% of the ransomware detected are executable files for Windows operating systems, and another 2% are Windows DLL files. Android accounts for only 2% of files, and in mid-2020, several EvilQuest malware samples were detected targeting Mac.

The study also emphasizes that only 5% of analyzed malware samples were associated with various exploits (usually, we are talking about privilege escalation in Windows, SMB information disclosure and remote code execution).

“This makes sense given that ransomware is usually deployed using social engineering or droppers. From a ransomware distribution point of view, attackers do not seem to need any other exploits beyond solutions to escalate privileges and spread malware on internal networks, ”says the VirusTotal report.

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