Chinese hacker jailed for selling video game saves

Chinese hacker jailed selling video game saves

The hacker is accused of illegally circumventing technical restrictions from Nintendo and faces a prison sentence.

Police have detained a hacker who was providing paid save modification services for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The 27-year-old Chinese man pleaded guilty and said that over a year and a half of illegal activity he had earned ¥ 10 million. In particular, for 3.5 thousand yen, or about 2.3 thousand rubles, the cracker offered to make an individual save file for each client, with any, the rarest item in the hero’s inventory.

The authorities believe that the Chinese man violated the law on the prevention of unfair competition, bypassing the technical restrictions imposed by the copyright holder of intellectual property in the person of Nintendo. It is assumed that the accused had an unidentified accomplice who manipulated the game data.

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