Cybercriminals hacked Panasonic and stayed online for 4 months

Cybercriminals hacked Panasonic stayed online 4 months

Japanese tech giant Panasonic has admitted to hacking its own systems and leaking internal data. According to the official report, unknown cybercriminals managed to gain access to the corporation’s internal network.

Panasonic employees discovered the breach on November 11th. After a short internal investigation, it became clear that attackers had gained access to data stored on the file server.

Panasonic’s statement is lacking in detail, but local media outlets ( Mainichi and NHK ) were able to dig a little deeper. For example, in the news outlets, there is information that the attackers got to the confidential data: information about customers, personal data of employees, as well as technical files of the corporation.

In addition, the media indicate that cybercriminals stayed on the Panasonic network for more than four months – from June 22 to November 3, after which they were discovered due to atypical network traffic.

There are no other details of the cyber incident at the moment, but it is worth noting that over the past five years, the hacking of large Japanese companies has become a kind of trend. Experts believe that Chinese government hackers are behind such cyber operations.

By the way, tech giants from other countries also sometimes become victims of hacking. For example, the Taiwanese corporation Acer was generally hacked twice in one week. Cybercriminal group Desorden was behind these attacks.

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