Data from Shell Recharge users on the street

Data from Shell Recharge users on the street

Customers who use Shell Recharge’s charging stations run the risk of having their personal data stolen by hackers. The database in which the data is stored was unsecured and therefore, accessible to everyone. Shell acknowledges the data leak and says it is investigating the incident.

Security researcher Anurag Sen discovered the vulnerability, TechCrunch reports.

This data may have been leaked

The security specialist was able to view the data of millions of customers. The database included first and last names, home addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and vehicle identification numbers (VIN numbers) of Shell Recharge customers. The locations of electric charging stations and names of organizations that use the charging stations can also be found in the database. In total, this concerns one terabyte of personal data.

This data was accessible because the database was not password protected. This allowed anyone to access the data stored at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud service, from their web browser.

Shell is investigating how it could have happened

It is unclear how long the leak has existed, although we do know that some data dates from 2023. Sen says that he informed Shell of the data leak but that the company did not respond to his message for a week. It was only after TechCrunch contacted the petroleum company that employees took action and the database was made inaccessible.

“Shell has taken steps to contain and identify an exposure of Shell Recharge Solutions data. We are investigating the incident, will continue to monitor our IT systems and will take all necessary future actions accordingly,” a Shell spokesperson told TechCrunch.

It is unknown whether data from Dutch users can also be found in the database, although this is likely.

You need to know this about Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge – which started in 2015 – is Shell’s worldwide network of charging stations. Together with NewMotion and Greenlots, the company went under the name Shell Recharge Solutions in 2021. Through collaboration with multiple international partners, Shell’s network includes more than 300,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles in more than 33 countries.

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