EU’s largest call centre operator hit by ransomware attack

EU's largest call center operator hit ransomware attack

GSS, the Spanish-Latin American division of Covisian, one of Europe’s largest customer service and call centre operators, has been attacked by ransomware, according to The Record.

As a result of the incident, part of the company’s IT systems was paralyzed, and the call centres of the company’s Spanish-speaking customers could not function normally. As a result, call centres and automated customer support services in Spain and Latin America were no longer available. The problem affected both private companies and government agencies.

Reporters say the victims included Spanish Vodafone, Internet service provider MasMovil, a Madrid-based water company, TV channels and many other private companies.

In a letter sent to affected customers, GSS officials said they have now shut down all internal systems affected by the attack and are currently using Google systems as an alternative.

“None of the applications will work until the incident is resolved,” company officials said. At the same time, the timing of the restoration work was not named.

A Covisian spokesman told The Record that the attack was carried out by the hacking group Conti on Saturday, September 18. And although Conti is known for not only encrypting files but also stealing data from victims from the attacked network, company representatives assure that the investigation of the incident did not reveal any traces of the leak.

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