F.B.I. Investigates Cyberattack That Targeted N.Y.C. Law Department


Who is behind the attack and whether the information was compromised is still unknown.

The computer network of the New York City Law Department was shut down in an incident that the FBI believes is the work of hackers.

New York City Law Department is the New York City Department of Administration that represents the city in court and employs about 1,000 lawyers.

The first signs that something was amiss with the department’s computer network emerged on Monday, June 7, when a lawyer wrote to a federal judge in Manhattan about a short delay in filing court documents due to network connectivity issues. Later that day, city officials explained the reason for the network connectivity problems. On Sunday afternoon, they discovered a cyberattack and were forced to shut down the department’s computer network. The NYPD and the FBI are currently investigating the incident, authorities said.

Mayor Bill De Blasio said on NY1 that city officials are unaware of whether any information has been compromised or whether the hackers demanded a ransom.

“We will have more information soon. At the moment, we are confident that all the necessary protective measures have been taken, and the department’s information has not been compromised, “the Mayor of New York assured.

Who is behind the attack and who was targeted by the hackers is still unknown.

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