Facebook partners panic iPhone owners refusal allow tracking

Facebook partners panic iPhone owners refusal allow tracking

Advertisers have lost the ability to measure the effectiveness of their ads and retarget users.

With the release of iOS 14.5 earlier this year, iPhone and iPad users have the ability to easily ditch cross-site and cross-app tracking and targeting. A new study from research firm Branch shows that 75% of users are rejecting tracking and targeted ads.

The impact of the new iOS privacy policy is especially felt by advertisers working with Facebook. According to Bloomberg, the company is presumably no longer able to provide its partners with certain metrics that allow them to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

“The influence, in particular, was felt by Facebook advertisers last month. Media buyers running Facebook ad campaigns on behalf of their customers can no longer get reliable data on how much sales their customers are making, making it harder for them to determine which Facebook ads are working. Losing the ability to receive such data impacts Facebook’s ability to showcase its business products to potential customers. It also makes it difficult for people to retarget when they are shown ads for products they are looking for on the Web but have not yet bought, ”Bloomberg writes.

While Facebook declines to comment on the article, data from Branch shows, 75% of iPhone owners are currently running iOS 14.5 or later with App Tracking Transparency, and only 25% of them click Allow in the window.

According to Facebook, the company is currently working on new features to help catch up on data missed by App Tracking Transparency, including “new ad features that require less data to measure ad success.”

“Apple policies harm a business’s ability to use its advertising budget efficiently and effectively, and these restrictions are created and promoted by Apple acting in its own best interest. We are confident that personalized advertising and privacy can coexist, ”said Facebook representatives.

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