For the first time, a quantum processor goes free sale

first time, quantum processor goes free sale

… The availability of quantum processors will significantly accelerate the adoption of quantum computing.

Dutch startup QuantWare has decided to change the rules of the game in the quantum computing market and announced its intention to release its Soprano processor for free sale.

The product can be purchased by any commercial institution, private laboratory and educational institution. Matthijs Rilaarsdam, co-founder of QuantWare, stated that “our Soprano QPU is what the Intel 4004 was to the semiconductor business.”

The proposed for purchase 5-qubit quantum processor Soprano of its own development QuantWare is made on transmon – charge qubits based on superconducting conductors, which provide a significant decrease in sensitivity to charge noise. Similar technologies are used in quantum systems by Google, IBM and Rigetti.

The accuracy of each qubit is 99.9% within 10ms. Customers will be offered processors both in a completely finished version and with the ability to customize the necessary characteristics depending on the customer’s requirements.

QuantWare said it intends to double or even quadruple the number of qubits in its processors every year. In 2025, QuantWare expects some kind of tipping point, after which quantum computers will become more widespread.

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