Free decryptors for AtomSilo, Babuk and LockFile ransomware published

Free decryptors AtomSilo, Babuk LockFile ransomware published

Avast has introduced free utilities for recovering files previously encrypted by AtomSilo, Babuk and LockFile malware.

It is suggested to use the same decoder for AtomSilo and LockFile. The researchers explain that these ransomware strains are very similar to each other, so it was possible to create a single tool for them.

The company emphasizes that the decoder may not be able to cope with files with unknown and proprietary formats or without extensions at all.

It is reported that specialists managed to crack the malware using information obtained from the RE-CERT researcher. In the middle of this month, he wrote on Twitter that he found a way to hack AtomSilo and even created his own decoder as a proof-of-concept.

A tool for decrypting data after Babuk ransomware attacks were also presented separately. Avast experts write that they were able to develop this tool using the malware source code, which was published on the Russian-language hack forum in early September.

On Twitter, experts write that the source code contained keys to decrypt data for past victims of ransomware. However, the decryptor will only work with past Babuk victims who still have files encrypted with .babuk, .babyk and .doydo extensions.

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