Hack group BlackShadow hacked Israeli hoster and blackmails its clients

Hack group BlackShadow hacked Israeli hoster blackmails clients

The hacker group BlackShadow attacked the Israeli hosting provider Cyberserve, stealing client databases and disrupting the company’s services. Cyberserve hoster is used by various organizations in the country, including local radio stations, museums and educational institutions.

Edition Bleeping Computer reports that starting Friday, October 29, 2021, when you try to access a site hosted on by CyberServe, visitors encounter the alarms and messages that the resource is not available due to a problem with cybersecurity.

The hack group BlackShadow claimed responsibility for the incident, which is now extorting $ 1,000,000 in cryptocurrency from the hosting company and its customers, otherwise threatening to publish the data stolen during the attack.

Although the victims were given 48 hours to pay, the hackers almost immediately leaked a sample of data containing 1,000 records, apparently in an effort to back up their claims with evidence. What’s more, the leak is said to have affected the personal information of users of a large LGBT website called Atraf:

“The Atraf team has not yet contacted us to conclude any deals, so we selected 50 famous Israelis and leaked their videos,” the hackers report on Telegram.

As of November 1, 2021, many sites hosted on Cyberserve were still unavailable. Other resources affected include:

  • public transport company Kavim (Dan Bus);
  • travel agency “Pegas”;
  • Holon Children’s Museum.

Interestingly, Israel’s National Cyber ​​Security Administration told  The Times of Israel that they had previously warned Cyberserve several times about an imminent attack. It is unclear whether Cyberserve ignored these warnings or simply failed to find vulnerabilities that the attackers ultimately exploited.

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