Hacker has stolen the government database with the identity cards of the entire population of Argentina

Hacker stolen government database with identity cards entire population Argentina

An unknown hacker hacked into the database of the Argentine government, which contains information about the official identity cards of all residents of the country (over 45 million). About it informs The Record.

In early October, recently tweeted @AnibalLeaks (profile has already been suspended) posted photographs of ID cards and other personal details of 44 Argentinean celebrities, including President Alberto Fernandez and football player Lionel Messi.

A day later, an attacker on a hacker forum invited users to familiarize themselves with the personal data of any citizen of Argentina. The government soon confirmed the leak and announced a check on eight civil servants, whom it considers likely to be responsible for the incident.

The hacker told The Record reporters who contacted him that he had a copy of the stolen database and that he was ready to publish personal information of another 1-2 million people. The attacker is also going to sell the stolen data.

Screenshot of a post on a hacker forum

Photo: Screenshot

The full names of Argentines, their home addresses, dates of birth, information from ID cards, social security code, photographs from documents and other data were publicly available.

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