The cost of IPv4 addresses has reached an all-time high

IPv4 addresses

As the price of an IPv4 address continues to rise, attackers may attempt to steal unsecured IPv4

Companies that own or manage blocks of IPv4 addresses are advised to monitor the increased risk of hacking attempts in the coming months. Since the price of an IPv4 address has reached an all-time high, attackers can try to steal unused or unsecured IPv4.

“Back in 2020, prices peaked in the summer around $ 23 – $ 24. But in the first quarter of 2021, prices hit $ 32 in February, nearly 30% above their 2020 peak. In fact, the minimum prices this year are about the same as the highest last year – $ 23– $ 26, ” explained specialists from the IPv4.Global company.

Currently, prices for IPv4 addresses continue to rise. Today’s peak in the IPv4 market. Global has reached a new high of $ 36 per address.

While some marketplaces provide IPv4 block owners with a legitimate way to sell or lease unused addresses, there is also an underground market for cybercriminal groups for these operations, taking control of IPv4 addresses from companies that have failed to provide them with the necessary security. …

Although incidents of IPv4 theft are not as common as other forms of cybercrime, they have been occurring consistently for many years. Criminals register expired domains for companies that once owned a block of IPv4 addresses, or create new companies with similar names, and then contact organizations such as ARIN, APNIC, RIPE NCC, AFRINIC, or LACNIC to intercept legitimate IPv4.

Taking control of IPv4 addresses has also become easier because some owners do not always verify the legitimacy of the transfer of IPv4 blocks.

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