In Iran, due to a probable cyberattack on the computer system of the Iranian railway, the train schedule is out of order

Iran, due probable cyberattack computer system Iranian railway, the train schedule out order

Iranian authorities are investigating the incident.

The websites of the Iranian Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in the computer systems of the ministry’s employees stopped working because of the “network failure,” the Associated Press (AP) reported.

“Chaos gripped railway stations in Iran on Friday due to interruptions in the computer systems of the country’s national railway company,” the statement said.

Other details of the incident have not yet been disclosed, but AP indicates that this is the second incident with computer systems associated with this ministry.

On the eve, information appeared that railway transportation in the country faced serious problems due to a failure in computer systems, probably due to a cyber attack. Hundreds of rail trips have been reported canceled or postponed.

At the same time, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi warned of possible cyber attacks with the aim of extortion.

Previously, cyberattacks have been carried out against Iran on several occasions. In particular, the accident at the nuclear facility in Natanz may be the work of Israel’s special services . In October 2020, Iranian officials said the country’s port authority had been cyberattacked. The attack targeted the electronic infrastructure of the country’s ports to disrupt the flow of goods, but was unsuccessful.

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