In Italy, hackers stopped vaccination records

In Italy, hackers stopped vaccination records

Vaccine reservations have been suspended, the administration continues, but data entry has to be done manually

Official portals related to the vaccination program in the Lazio metropolitan area were hacked. They were hacked against the background of the introduction of “green certificates” in Italy.

“This is a very powerful hacker attack, very serious. Nothing works. The entire regional database is under threat, ”said Minister of Health Alessio D’Amato. He noted that the booking of vaccines has been suspended, actions for their introduction are ongoing, but data entry has to be done manually.

On the fact of the incident, the check is carried out by the Roman prosecutor’s office and the Italian postal police – a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the fight against cybercrimes. An official investigation is reportedly due in the coming hours.

Italy previously announced the introduction of COVID passes. From August 6, “green certificates” will begin to operate in the country, which will give the right to attend events in closed rooms, as well as cafes and restaurants. The passes will be issued to those vaccinated against the coronavirus who have undergone COVID-19 and those who have passed a negative PCR test.

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