IT executives worry more about profit than cybersecurity

IT executives worry more about profit than cybersecurity

Only 40% of CIOs prioritize support for the governance and health of cybersecurity.

Snow Software Specialists of the company carried out a survey of over 400 IT-managers of organizations with more than 500 employees and have found that the provision of competitive differentiation is the top priority for 57% IT-managers. This is followed by reducing or optimizing IT costs (55%), managing digital transformation initiatives (54%), and accelerating adoption and migration to cloud services (48%).

When it comes to supporting the governance and health of cybersecurity, only 40% of respondents named such initiatives a top item on their agenda. This indicator suggests that enterprises are paying much more attention to competition than to protecting computer systems.

Organizations are currently in various stages of implementing a hybrid mode of operation. The study shows that 35% have already switched to a hybrid scheme, and 57% are only planning to do so. Only 34% of IT executives said supporting hybrid workloads will be their top priority over the next 12 months. The new operating model also has an impact on budgets, as the majority of respondents (84%) predict budget increases to support the new operating modes.

IT executives seem to be very supportive of the trend towards telecommuting organizations. The majority (57%) said they were concerned about this, and 44% considered the process to be correct.

Some of the surveyed respondents (37%) expect the funds to go towards hiring additional IT staff, while others support larger investments in SaaS applications (18%), cloud infrastructure (17%), and employee tools and training cybersecurity (10%). Overall, only 2% of IT executives say they face budget cuts.

According to the survey, employees working in hybrid mode will be a big burden on the IT staff. According to 34% of respondents, the new model of work will change the technological needs of employees and expand their use of IT resources.

Another problem is shadow IT, which refers to the procurement of technology led by departments that can disrupt systems and work processes. 16% of IT executives surveyed believe hybrid operation will exacerbate this problem.

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