Japanese corporation Toshiba managed to transfer quantum bits for 600 kilometres


Scientists have developed a technique called dual-band stabilization

Toshiba engineers managed to send quantum information over 600 kilometres of optical fibre and set a new record.

The information transmitted over the fibre is encrypted using quantum key distribution (QKD) technology. The experts noted that the protocol uses quantum networks to create encryption keys, which are immune to hacks. The new technology can also be used for military purposes. Perhaps, the defence departments of the countries will be interested in this development.

Thanks to this, the protection of transmitted information grows significantly and is practically not susceptible to hacking. If hackers still manage to penetrate such a network, then both parties that exchange data will be warned about this.

“With the new methods we have developed, further extension of QKD communication distance is still possible, and our solutions can also be applied to other quantum communication protocols and applications,” said Mirko Pittaluga, Research Fellow at Toshiba Europe.

Previously, it was possible to transmit information over fibre-optic networks only over extremely short distances. Toshiba claims that with the help of the new technology, states can share classified information without fear of leaking it to third parties.

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