‘LeaseWeb target of a cyber attack’

'LeaseWeb target of a cyber attack'

A cyber attack may have hit LeaseWeb. As a result, a small number of customers were temporarily unable to access their data stored in the cloud. The customer portal is now back online, and external security experts are investigating the incident’s cause and impact.

The Amsterdam hosting company confirms this to the Dutch IT Channel.

No customer or company data leaked or lost

ATPS Online, a company that provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to companies and organizations that work with time and attendance systems, reported that the company is affected by the possible cyber attack at LeaseWeb. “Our hosting provider, LeaseWeb, is working to restore all components of our environment. We now have access to a number of core systems, including the primary database server,” the company writes in a message to customers.

The SaaS organization says there are no indications that confidential or privacy-sensitive customer or company data was captured or lost in the attack. “So all data has been preserved until the system was unavailable. Because from that moment on, the time clocks can no longer store their bookings, so this data has not been lost either,” says ATPS Online.

“In the meantime, we are working hard with LeaseWeb to restore the service. We are also conducting checks on the integrity of the systems.” ATPS Online promises to inform customers tomorrow morning about the timeline of this step.

LeaseWeb: ‘Affected systems have now been fully recovered

In a reaction to the Dutch IT Channel, LeaseWeb reports that ‘unusual activities’ were observed on the monitoring systems of some cloud environments on the night of August 22. “The security incident impacted a specific part of our cloud-based infrastructure and resulted in downtime for many cloud customers. In response to this event, we took prompt and decisive action to mitigate potential risks,” said LeaseWeb.

As a precaution, the Amsterdam hosting provider switched off a number of critical systems that support the customer portal. As a result, the customer portal was temporarily offline but is now up and running again. The company has engaged outside security specialists to investigate the cause and impact of the issue.

In addition, LeaseWeb has implemented security and management protocols for affected systems. In their own words, these systems have now been fully restored. Our investigation is ongoing, but we have successfully contained the incident, improved our security measures and no longer found any unauthorized activity on our systems.

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