Microsoft bought RiskIQ

Microsoft bought RiskIQ

In this way, the tech giant is trying to expand its products and better protect customers in the face of increasing global cyberattacks.

RiskIQ is the leader in digital threat management and provides the most comprehensive detection, intelligence and remediation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence on the Internet.

The deal may be announced in the coming days. In June, Microsoft already bought another company in the same sector, ReFirm Labs, which deals with the protection of smart devices; the amount of the deal was not disclosed. In a blog post, Microsoft stated that 3,500 people are involved in security.

RiskIQ, headquartered in San Francisco, develops and sells cloud-based cyber threat protection software, enabling timely detection and defense against corporate network attacks on web networks.

Microsoft said it will add RiskIQ technology to its core products. The purchase decision was also influenced by increased hacker attacks and the proliferation of ransomware.

Previously, RiskIQ released a report in which, according to researchers, cybercriminals carefully planned each stage of the attack in order to avoid creating patterns. By avoiding patterns, hackers have made it harder to track malicious activity and made forensics more difficult.

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