Microsoft: Nobelium has hacked at least 14 IT companies since May 2021

Microsoft: Nobelium has hacked at least 14 IT companies since May 2021

Microsoft said that from July 1 to October 19, 2021, their customers were exposed to 22,868 attacks from Russian hackers. The company announced this in its blog.

Microsoft Vice President Tom Burt believes that the attacks are behind the Nobelium hacker group, which the corporation has associated with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). The company also calls her responsible for attacks against SolarWinds customers in 2020.

This time, hackers targeted resellers and cloud service providers. They tried to use phishing to connect to the means of direct access of these companies and to the IT systems of their clients.

“Nobelium is attempting to apply the same approach used in previous attacks against organizations that are integral to global IT supply chains,” says Microsoft.

Microsoft has been monitoring this hacking campaign since May this year. During this time, the company notified the 140 resellers and technology service providers targeted by Nobelium. It is noted that most of the attacks by the hacker group were unsuccessful.

Earlier it was reported that these same hackers from Russia have tried to hack internal government networks in the US and Europe in the past few months . Microsoft in May 2021 accused Nobelium of attacking several organizations and US government agencies.

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