Mizulina named the most “destructive” social networks

Mizulina named most "destructive" social networks

Facebook and YouTube took the first lines in the ranking of social networks in terms of the volume of distribution of destructive content.

Facebook and YouTube topped the anti-social media rankings for destructive content. This was stated by Yekaterina Mizulina, a member of the Public Chamber, director of the League of Safe Internet, during a presentation of a study of Internet platforms that violate legislation in the field of information dissemination.

Twitter was reportedly the most irresponsible social network in February. The change of leader is explained by the fact that after measures to slow down the traffic, Twitter “entered into a dialogue with the Russian authorities and changed its moderation policy.” The presentation indicated that in six months, against the background of the sanctions, the active audience of Twitter decreased by almost 10%.

According to the research, 15 acts of censorship against Russian media and companies, 112 materials on drug trafficking and 1,900 publications containing prohibited and extremist information were found on Facebook. In the social network, they found 112 materials about drugs, 1900 materials with information that the courts recognized as prohibited, 68 cases of insulting state symbols, 87 calls for suicide and 87 fakes. What specific materials are being discussed is not reported.

Mizulina hopes that Roskomnadzor will take “serious and decisive measures” against the social networks that topped the rating. She recalled that after the appearance of the previous such rating, RKN began to slow down the traffic of the leader of the list – Twitter.

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