Mozilla: “superhero” passwords won’t protect your account

Mozilla: "superhero" passwords won't protect account

Mozilla engineers have discovered that hundreds of thousands of human users use passwords associated in one way or another with various superheroes.

After examining the statistics of the leak aggregator Have I been pwned, the researchers found that passwords created “in honour” of superheroes are a common practice among users. For example, the most common password in leaks is Superman (328,000 cases), followed by Batman (over 226,000 cases) and Spider-Man (just over 160,000 cases). Also popular are Wolverine, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Daredevil, which show up tens of thousands of times in various dumps.

The real personalities of superheroes also do not go unnoticed, with James Howlett / Logan leading by a wide margin (over 30,000 passwords), as well as Clark Kenta, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker and Tony Stark.

Mozilla experts joke that such passwords do not have super-protection and are weak and can be easily compromised. If these passwords are used in corporate environments, they can even endanger the entire organization.

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