Berlin security service blames Iran for cyberattack on German companies

Berlin security service blames Iran for cyber attack on German companies

According to the German intelligence services, Iran is interested in technologies that can be used to create weapons of mass destruction

The German security services have accused Iranian hackers of cyberattacks against German companies in which they trick their victims into installing malware. According to the report, the attacks are part of a large-scale Iranian campaign to gain access to confidential information from German organizations.

In recent cyberattacks, employees of companies in Germany have received phishing emails with job offers. After the victim has clicked on the link provided in the email, the malware is then downloaded to their computer. Phishing emails are sent from fake addresses and are intended to gain access to confidential data of organizations of interest to the hackers.

The German Federal Constitutional Defense Service (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV) has described the recent cyberattacks as the largest malicious campaign ever. According to experts, the reason for the growing interest of Iranians in information from German organizations is the political tension in the Gulf countries.

On the one hand, Iran is interested in information related to politics or economics, and on the other hand, with the help of cyber attacks, it is trying to find ways to circumvent the sanctions adopted against it. What information hackers were interested in during the recent cyberattacks is not specified in the report, however, according to German intelligence services, Iran is trying to steal useful information and technologies from European companies that can be used to create weapons of mass destruction.

The activities of Iranian hackers also attracted the attention of the Dutch intelligence services, which said that Iran was trying to get hold of Dutch critical technologies.

You can download the BfV report here .

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