The court will consider Epic Games’ antitrust lawsuit against Apple

Epic Games

In San Francisco, a lawsuit has begun between game developer Epic Games and Apple.

On May 3, a lawsuit began, initiated by the gaming company Epic Games against Apple.

Last summer, Epic Games gave Fortnite players a discount (if they made in-game purchases) bypassing the Apple Store. 

According to Apple’s rules, all applications that are hosted on this site must pay the company 30% of their revenue – both from subscriptions and from in-app purchases. 

Outside the marketplace, you can freely receive payments, but there should be no ads for such an opportunity in applications. 

Fortnite broke this rule, which is why Apple removed the game from the online store. In response, Epic Games accused the company of violating antitrust laws and filed a 65-page lawsuit against it.

Fortnite lawyer Catherine Forest said at the opening hearing that Apple had monopolized the app market for its devices. 

As the lawyer assured, Epic Games is not seeking compensation for property damage, but wants to “open the doors to Apple’s garden.”

The court hearing between Epic Games and Apple reportedly began later than the appointed time due to children joining the open teleconference.

The kids joined this session because it was about their favourite mobile game, Fortnite. The children demanded that the game be returned to the Apple app store, shouted and played songs from popular rappers.

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