NSO Group has blocked some government customers from accessing their products

NSO Group blocked some government customers accessing products

Access was blocked pending an investigation into possible abuse.

Israeli spyware maker NSO Group has blocked some government customers from accessing its products while investigating possible abuse.

“Some of our clients are under investigation. Serving some customers has been suspended, ”a spokesman for the NSO Group told the American non-profit organization National Public Radio.

How many and which countries were blocked, the NSO Group employee did not specify. Whether the investigation found any abuse of the company’s products is also not reported.

The company is regularly accused of selling its Pegasus software to oppressive governments, using it to harass journalists, activists and politicians. Earlier this month, Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories released new data showing governments in dozens of countries are using Pegasus to spy on journalists, human rights defenders and dissidents. Following the publication of NSO Group offices were carried out searches, Amazon and the company closed its accounts.

“In my opinion, what we are doing today is the best standard that can be met. I think that we, on the one hand, are world leaders in respect of human rights, and on the other hand, we are a model of human rights violations, ”said Shmuel Sunray, chief adviser to the NSO Group.

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