Nvidia’s new graphics cards are seriously protected from mining


The developers stated that graphics performance would be reduced only in the case of Ethereum mining, in fact, it turned out that the restrictions also apply to the mining of Ether Classic and Ergo.

Nvidia has protected its latest video cards from mining, not one, but several cryptocurrencies reports the Hardwaretimes portal.

One of the users tested the latest GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and found out that in addition to the declared protection against Ethereum mining, the mining of Ether Classic and Ergo also suffered: in both cases, the performance during mining was reduced by more than half. Rumors of the cryptocurrency mining community that “Ethereum is just the beginning” (allegedly Nvidia may limit the performance of the updated Ampere when mining other cryptocurrencies) are confirmed.

The mining of other currencies such as Conflux Network (CFX) and Ravencoin is not affected. The video card calculates them with extreme performance. However, the portal notes that the situation may change in the future.

HotHardware explained that Ethereum is moving towards a Proof-of-Stake model, which should reduce power consumption and could potentially reduce the demand for GPUs in the mining sector. Therefore, Nvidia began to extend its hash rate limiter to other crypto coins, not even very popular ones.

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