Police are working on backup facility for recovery after ransomware attack

Police are working on backup facility for recovery after ransomware attack

The Dutch police are working on a structural backup facility to recover from a ransomware attack. This can be read in a letter from Minister Yesilgöz of Justice and Security to the House of Representatives about the police’s First Half-Year Report 2022.

Cyber ​​recovery

In response to significant cyber incidents worldwide involving Log4J and Solarwinds, the police have taken necessary security measures.

Minister Yesilgöz indicates that recovering from a cyber attack is one of the spearheads of the police’s cyber security programme. For this reason, the police have started a cyber recovery project. Part of this project is a structural backup facility. The minister says it could take years before this structural backup because there are not enough human resources in the police force.

Measures to recover from ransomware attack

The police have taken measures to recover from a ransomware attack, and the minister needs to share details about this. The police have expanded the Security Operations Center (SOC) to meet today’s requirements better. The SOC must be able to detect better and analyze cyber-attacks.

According to Yesilgöz, considerable progress has been made in improving cybersecurity in the police, but there is still room for further improvement.

What can you do against ransomware?

Preventing ransomware (ransomware) is always better. You can take several measures against ransomware yourself, like using an antivirus program. The police also recommend never responding to payment demands. In addition, it is essential to make regular backups of your computer.

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