Razer is investigating possible data breach

Razer is investigating possible data breach

Razer has launched an investigation into a possible cyber attack on the company. It is said that confidential company data was stolen. This data is currently being offered for sale for $100,000 on a hacker forum on the dark web.

Razer confirms to tech site Polygon that an investigation into the incident is currently underway. 

‘Necessary steps taken to secure platforms’

It all started last weekend with a tweet from FalconFeedsio. He reported through the platform that a hacker said he stole company information from Razer. It would involve databases, source code and encryption keys. Via a hacker forum on the dark web, he asks for $ 100,000 in Monero coins for the captured data.

It is unknown whether data was actually stolen. On Twitter, Razer said she is investigating and aware of a potential cyber-attack. In a statement to Polygon, a Razer spokesperson says the hack may have occurred on Razer Gold, the company’s digital currency platform.

In a press statement, Razer said:

“We were alerted to a possible hack at Razer Gold on July 9, 2023. Upon learning of the breach, the team immediately thoroughly reviewed all Razer websites and took the necessary steps to secure our platforms. We are in the middle of the investigation and remain committed to our customers’ digital safety and security. Once the investigation is complete, Razer expects us to report this matter to the relevant authorities.”

Second data breach in a short time

It is not the first time that a data breach has hit Razer. In 2020, the data of more than a hundred thousand customers ended up on the street. The gaming company blamed IT company Capgemini, and the Singapore court awarded Razer $6.5 million in damages. Capgemini announced on Monday that it will appeal the ruling.

Here’s what you need to know about Razer

Razer is a company that sells gaming products, including laptops, computer mice, and headphones. More than 175 million gamers worldwide use the company’s products and services. Razer currently has 19 affiliates and is one of the largest brands for gamers in the world.

Razer Gold is a digital wallet for paying for computer games and in-game items. For every purchase with Razer Gold, gamers will receive Razer Silver. The latter allows gamers to purchase Razer products. Razer Gold has over 28 million registered users at the time of writing.

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