REvil has stolen confidential correspondence of the CEO of the energy company Invenergy


The group hacked into the company’s computer systems and allegedly stole 4 TB of data.

Ransomware operators REvil have claimed responsibility for a recent cyberattack against multinational renewable energy company Invenergy, based in the United States. This was reported by The Financial Times.

Invenergy launched an investigation after unauthorized activity was detected on some of its systems. Invenergy’s operations were unaffected and no data was encrypted, company officials said. The company also noted that Invenergy complies with the rules for disclosing information on data breaches, “did not pay and does not intend to pay the ransom.”

Cybercriminal group REvil has announced on its darknet website that it has carried out a cyberattack on Invenergy. According to the hackers, the group hacked into the company’s computer systems and stole 4 TB of data.

The allegedly stolen information includes contract and project details, as well as “highly personal and naughty” information about Invenergy CEO Michael Polsky. REvil allegedly gained access to Polski’s personal email, confidential details of his divorce from his first wife Maya, and incriminating photographs.

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