Russian hackers accused of cyberattack on Dutch police

Russian hackers

The Dutch edition Volkskrant, citing sources, reported that some hackers broke into the country’s police system in 2017, when the MH17 case was being investigated.

The Dutch edition de Volkskrant reported that the hackers who attacked the country’s police in 2017 could allegedly be linked to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). The cyberattack occurred during the investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing MH17.

It is alleged that the security forces did not notice the attack, the break-in was discovered by the Netherlands General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD). The incident caused great panic. Journalists do not know if the hackers were able to gain access to information that is relevant to the investigation. The police and intelligence officers did not confirm or deny the information about the break-in.

As a reminder, the joint investigation team came to the conclusion that the Boeing was shot down from the separatist-controlled territory of Ukraine from the Buk missile system, which was brought from Russia. Moscow denies its involvement in the tragedy. The Russian authorities put forward several versions of the crash, but all of their investigators found it untenable.

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