Samsung informs customers about data breach at repairer

Samsung informs customers about data breach at repairer

Samsung and repair service LetMeRepair has notified customers of a ransomware attack at Servilux. Customer data has been stolen, and the company advises customers to be alert to phishing.

LetMeRepair confirms the cyber attack through a press release.

Hackers encrypt files and demand a ransom.

LetMeRepair is a damage repair company that repairs electronic products on behalf of various manufacturers, including Samsung. The company acquired Servilux last year, and the servers of Servilux have also been taken over.

On Monday morning, December 26, employees discovered that hackers had penetrated Servilux’s corporate network. They encrypted and copied files using ransomware. If the company paid a ransom, the attackers would be willing to remove the digital lock. If not, an unknown amount of data would be published on the dark web.

Due to the attack, the branch in Hasselt was inaccessible between December 26, 2022 and January 4, 2023. LetMeRepair says that the affected Servilux server has now been repaired. This was done in an isolated and secure environment, and it was restarted on January 4, albeit with restrictions.

‘Impact of cyber attack is limited.’

The exact size of the cyber attack is still unknown. The repair company does know who is behind it: Vice Society. LetMeRepair claims not to have paid any ransom. As a result, customers’ personal data was placed on the dark web on Friday, January 6. This concerns names, telephone numbers, residential addresses and repair data of devices. The hacker group also claims to have data from manufacturers, dealers and employees.

LetMeRepair emphasizes that the impact of the ransomware attack is limited because the attackers could not penetrate the repair company’s server network. “Nevertheless, we have commissioned IT experts to conduct an analysis of IT security measures and an IT forensic review to ensure that no third party has accessed the corporate environment,” said the Board of Directors. from LetMeRepair.

Beware of phishing

The privacy watchdogs of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany have been informed of the incident. In addition, LetMeRepair has filed a declaration in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Victims have been informed of the events. The damage repair company tells victims by text message that they do not need to take any action, and the company advises victims to be vigilant about phishing.

We advise you to be extra careful with strange texts or calls that make you feel like you need to take action quickly, are poorly written, contain suspicious attachments or links, or ask for further personal information. Read in the text message, which has been put online by 

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