She sent her iPhone in for repair, her intimate photos were leaked, and Apple had to pay her millions of dollars

Two employees of the official Apple service centre in the United States published on Facebook intimate photos of the girl who brought them her smartphone for repair.

Employees of the official Apple service center in the United States published intimate photos of the client on Facebook. The incident happened back in 2016, but only now it was made public, according to The Telegraph.

Jane Doe, a college student from Oregon, got into trouble because of a broken phone. Finding that the iPhone does not work, the girl, as it should in such cases, turned to the repair company. In Jane’s case, it was not some kind of supernumerary workshop, but a large Apple repair contractor – Pegatron Technology Service. The service staff directed the student’s phone to their Pegatron plant in California. And then the unexpected happened: two specialists found intimate photos and videos of Jane on the phone, and instead of treating the customer with respect, they took and uploaded all this “nudity” to her Facebook account.

The victim learned about the incident from friends, and then filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of invading privacy and causing “severe emotional distress.” As a result, the dispute was settled out of court.

The exact amount of compensation was not disclosed, but we are talking about “millions” of dollars. As the newspaper notes, lawyers during negotiations with Apple requested $ 5 million in moral damages.

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