Snatch hacked Volvo Cars and stole company documents

Snatch hacked Volvo Cars and stole company documents

Volvo Cars, a Swedish passenger car manufacturer, has reported a breach in its network. According to the company’s official statement, unknown cybercriminals were able to infiltrate one of the servers and steal research and development data.

Representatives of Volvo Cars noted that the investigation of the cyber incident is in full swing, also emphasizing that certain operations of the company may have been affected by the actions of cybercriminals.

“Based on current information, we do not see any signs of a breach of the security or privacy of our customers,” reads the legal notice.

While the carmaker has so far refrained from details, cybercriminal group Snatch has already claimed responsibility for the attack. This group is known to distribute ransomware.

Apparently, the ransomware operators have long published information about the Volvo Cars hack on their website, which is designed to sell data on leaks. As evidence, the attackers attached a series of screenshots with the stolen files.

Since then, Snatch has even managed to upload 39.5 MB of documents allegedly stolen from Volvo after one of the servers was hacked.

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