SonicWall Warns of Looming Ransomware Campaign

SonicWall Warns of Looming Ransomware Campaign

The company strongly recommended updating the firmware of SMA and SRA installations from 9.x to 10.x.

Networking equipment vendor SonicWall has warned its customers of an “impending ransomware campaign” targeting some of its equipment.

“Through collaboration with trusted third parties, SonicWall has become aware of attackers actively attacking the Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 and Secure Remote Access (SRA) product line with no longer supported firmware 8.x in an imminent ransomware campaign using stolen credentials. “, – says the notification SonicWall.

According to the company, cybercriminals are exploiting an old vulnerability fixed in new firmware versions in attacks. In this regard, she strongly encouraged customers to update the firmware of their devices.

“If your organization uses outdated SRA installations with expired support that cannot be upgraded to 9.x, their continued use could lead to a ransomware attack,” the notice said.

In cases where a firmware update is not possible, it is recommended that you immediately turn off devices, reset access passwords, and enable two-factor authentication, if supported.

There is no temporary workaround for devices with unsupported firmware versions, and continued use of these devices puts enterprise security at risk.

SonicWall also warned users of the still supported SMA 210/410 / 500v devices to update the firmware from 9.x to 10.x versions, as 8.x versions put the security of these devices at risk (although support is still ongoing ).

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