Spammers send antirabota movement manifestos to receipt printers

Spammers send antirabota movement manifestos receipt printers

Spam mailings became known on Tuesday, writes Vice. An employee of one of the companies said that the printer in his office printed a text on the check with a manifest and a call to go to the Antirabota community on Reddit. Later, many similar stories appeared on the subreddit.

“In the last week at work, I have received about four different messages. It was very funny to see the face of my boss when he had to rip such a check from the printer, ”wrote one of the Reddit users.

A check with the text from Antirabota. 
Image: Reddit

“Are you underpaid?

You have a protected legal right to discuss your salary with colleagues. This should be done regularly to make sure everyone is paid fairly.

If you find out that you are being paid less than someone else for the same job, you should abandon the promotion or consider quitting and finding a better employer.

It is illegal if your employer punishes you for doing this.

Low wages exist only because people want to work for that money. “

The Antirabota moderators suggested that the checks are printed by the employees of these companies themselves, who have access to the cash register system. They do this to defame the community.

The head of the cybersecurity company GreyNoise, Andrew Morris, said that his employees noticed suspicious network traffic – he uses unsecured receipt printers to print messages. Morris notes that the hackers do not target specific companies, but indiscriminately send spam to all the devices they find.

“The person or people behind this are distributing bulk print from 25 separate servers, so blocking one IP address is not enough,” he said.

Community ” Antirabota » (Antiwork) exists on Reddit with the 2013th, but it gained widespread popularity during a pandemic. He now has about 1.2 million subscribers.

Community members oppose exploitative and hierarchical relationships at work. Antirabota publishes memes and complaints about working conditions, about life from paycheck to paycheck, tyrant bosses and their depression because of work. They suggest fighting it – for example, joining a union or quitting.

Analysts attribute the popularity of Antirabota to the fact that the United States now has a record level of layoffs over the past 20 years. This phenomenon is called the “Great Resignation”, it began in the spring of 2021. From April to September this year, more than 19 million people quit in the country.

In November, community members called on retail staff and shoppers to go on a general strike on sales day. The boycott was supposed to give up work that day, refrain from shopping, “turn off the phone and spend time with my family.”

Boycotters believe that recently employees have begun to work harder and more productively, while their salaries have not changed. Plus, due to inflation, purchasing power is decreasing day by day.

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