The gamer posted on the forum the secret blueprints of the British tank

gamer posted forum the secret blueprints British tank

Thus, the man wanted to prove that the car was incorrectly modeled by the artists of the computer game War Thunder.

A user of the forum of gamers has published classified documents with the characteristics of the British Challenger 2 tank.

A gamer under the pseudonym Fear Naught, who is the current commander of a British combat vehicle, posted on the Internet a manual for the Challenger 2 tank. Thus, he wanted to help the developers of War Thunder more faithfully reproduce a combat unit in his favorite video game.

On the papers he submitted, the secrecy label was crossed out, and there was also a free distribution stamp. Later it became known that these stamps were fake. The forum moderator stressed that the Ministry of Defense indicated the secrecy of these documents.

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