TikTok user figured out how to influence overly noisy neighbours

TikTok user figured out how to influence overly noisy neighbours

The user connected to the neighbours’ Bluetooth speaker and played their own song with an unambiguous message to them.

Many are probably familiar with the situation when neighbours turn on the music too loudly and do not always respond to requests to make the sound quieter. Faced with such a nuisance, TikTok user @matt_obrien decided to fight the problem with the help of a hacked Bluetooth speaker of neighbours and his own version of the composition from the suite by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg “In the Cave of the Mountain King” from the suite on Henrik Ibsen’s play “Peer Gynt” with “thin” a message for neighbours living nearby: on top of the classical composition, the man added words of his own composition, the meaning of which, in his opinion, should be extremely clear.

In the performance of @matt_obrien, the classic composition received an addition in the form of an unambiguous message for neighbours, the essence of which (without obscene language) boils down to the following: “Turn off the music, turn off the music, it is too loud.”

In published @matt_obrien see how he selects a file from a folder and connects to neighbouring Bluetooth-column, and then it “modified” track sounds behind the wall. How the neighbours reacted to this is not specified in the video.

For the future, the hacker created another entry in which he asks neighbours to make love quietly.

The creative approach to dealing with obnoxious music has delighted social media users. The video went viral, collecting over 2.6 million likes and over 61,000 shares.

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