Twitch: server configuration change was the cause of the leak

Twitch: server configuration change was cause leak

Twitch officials are investigating a data breach yesterday . According to the company, the “leak” occurred due to a change in the server configuration, and as a result of the incident, neither user passwords nor bank card numbers were damaged.

Let me remind you that a link to a torrent file containing almost 130 GB of Twitch data was published on 4chan. Unknown hackers made the platform’s source codes and business data available to the public. Twitch confirmed the hack yesterday, but has now released an official statement stating that user data has not been harmed:

“We do not currently have any evidence that [users’] credentials have been disclosed. In addition, Twitch does not store full bank card numbers, so their full numbers have not been disclosed either, ”the company says.

In addition, it is reported that Twitch has dropped all streaming keys, so now streamers will have to get new ones in their profiles.

The Amazon-owned company says the investigation is still ongoing, but all indications are that the compromise was due to “an error during a configuration change to a Twitch server that was subsequently accessed by a third party.”

This explanation is consistent with a comment by Thomas Shadwell, who founded the Twitch security team in 2014. Yesterday, he said in an interview with ISMG that all Twitch developers use special security keys for authentication, that is, the leak was most likely due to problems with the server, and not due to hacking of an employee’s account.

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