Ukrainian law enforcement officers have arrested members of the hacking group Phoenix

Ukrainian law enforcement officers have arrested members of the hack group Phoenix

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) announced the arrest of five members of the Phoenix international hacking group, which specializes in remote hacking of mobile devices and collection of personal data.

Law enforcement officers report that the group included five citizens of Ukraine (residents of Kiev and Kharkov), and all of them had higher technical education. The group’s activity lasted at least two years, and during this time the hackers managed to break into the accounts of several hundred people.

The goal of the Phoenix hack group was to gain remote access to user accounts of mobile devices, and then monetize this access by hacking e-wallets and bank accounts, as well as by selling victims’ personal information to third parties.

To gain access to other people’s accounts, hackers used phishing resources – copies of Apple, Samsung, and so on. If a victim downloaded an application from such a fake site, they had to provide the attackers with their credentials. Then the attackers copied the information stored on the broken phone.

Also, hackers offered their services for remote hacking of mobile phones at prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 200. In addition, the group was also involved in unlocking stolen or lost Apple devices. Subsequently, such gadgets were sold in a network of stores controlled by criminals in Kiev and Kharkov.

As a result, law enforcement officers conducted five searches at each place of detention, seizing computer equipment, mobile phones that were being prepared for sale, specialized software and equipment.

The perpetrators were charged under Article 361 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal interference in the operation of electronic computers (computers), systems and computer networks).

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