Ukrainian police arrest money launderers for hacker groups

Ukrainian police arrest money launderers for hacker groups

The Ukrainian police, the Security Services of Ukraine and American law enforcement officers carried out a joint operation, arresting several people who laundered money for various hack groups “on an especially large scale”, and also stole funds from other people’s cryptocurrency wallets.

The official press release states that Ukrainian law enforcement officers received information about “members of international hacker groups” from their American colleagues. It is reported that the detainees “provided services for the legalization of funds on an especially large scale for representatives of international hacker groups, in particular those operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

The police found that the suspects acted on the darknet under different pseudonyms and used a large-scale network of figureheads and financial services for complex money-laundering operations.

It is emphasized that during the searches, law enforcement officers identified “a mechanism for the creation, use and sale of self-made software and hardware.” Using these tools, attackers gained access to the victims’ wallets and then stole cryptocurrency from them.

At present, the analysis of the confiscated information is being carried out, and the next stage should be the prosecution of foreign “partners” of the group.

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