US authorities will oblige companies to strengthen protection against hackers

US authorities oblige companies strengthen protection against hackers

The US authorities intend to order the country’s companies to strengthen the protection of their computer systems from hacking, said US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcas.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcas said that operators of important federal infrastructure should work more closely with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Answering a journalist’s question about the need to introduce requirements for such contractors to better protect themselves from hackers, Mallorcas said: “We are already taking steps in this direction. We are obliging federal contractors to take certain cybersecurity measures. ”

The minister also recalled that the Department of Transportation Security, which is part of the structure of the IMB, after the cyber attack on the American company Colonial Pipeline, prepared a number of “requirements for pipeline operators to raise standards in the field of cyber hygiene.”

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