US military creates DESOLATOR system to protect vehicles from cyberattacks

US military creates DESOLATOR system protect vehicles cyber attacks

A team of American scientists and programmers used a special program to train artificial intelligence in order to protect vehicles from hacking.

Researchers in the United States have developed a new machine learning method called DESOLATOR, which was created to protect networks running inside a vehicle, preventing them from being hacked without affecting performance.

The technology was developed by the US Army in partnership with Virginia Institute of Technology, University of Queensland and Gwangju Institute of Technology. It will help optimize the cybersecurity of moving vehicles, which are often the target of hackers.

The principle of the novelty is to determine the frequency of switching IP addresses and the allocation of data bandwidth. With this kind of “castling”, loopholes to information are quickly lost and the cybercriminal has to look for them again.

“It is difficult to hit a moving target. If everything is static, an attacker can take their time looking at everything and choosing their victims,” ​​- explained Dr Terrence Moore, lead author of the project. In the future, scientists want to implement this approach in civilian cars.

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