US needs help from Japan and Korea to compete with Chinese technology

US needs help from Japan Korea compete Chinese technology

The former Google CEO has called on countries to collaborate on AI, chips and quantum computing.

China’s capabilities in artificial intelligence and quantum computing are rapidly catching up to the United States, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt told Nikkei Asia. According to Schmidt, the United States will not succeed without “a very strong partnership with Japan and South Korea.”

The final report of the US National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence stated that “if the US does not act, it is likely to lose its leading position in the field of AI in favor of China in the next decade and become more vulnerable to a range of threats using AI with parties of state and non-state actors “.

To win the technology competition with China, Schmidt said the US must maintain its leadership in “strategic” areas such as artificial intelligence, semiconductors, energy, quantum computing and synthetic biology. And this “requires closer relations with South Korean and Japanese researchers, universities and governments.”

Schmidt proposed setting up a coordination group in Washington to liaise with the Japanese side and a partner group in Tokyo, along with similar arrangements with other partner countries.

There is a “simple belief” that “China is the enemy of the United States and Americans should stop trading and working with them,” Schmidt said. The specialist characterized the relationship as a “competitive partnership,” citing health and climate change as areas of potential cooperation in non-strategic areas.

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