US Secretary of State called on Russia to bring hackers to justice

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the United States had discussed with Russia earlier cyberattacks.

Russia must bring hackers working from its territory against other countries to justice, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said June 6 in an interview with Axios.

“As for cyberattacks with a ransom demand, then, of course, we have already talked with the Russians about this. We see that it seems that criminal groups are involved in these attacks, and any country, including Russia, is obliged if a criminal group is operating from its territory for anyone else, do whatever is necessary to stop her and bring her to justice, “Blinken said.

“We would have preferred to have a more stable and predictable relationship with Russia. We made this clear. But we also made it clear that if Russia decides to act aggressively or recklessly towards us or our allies and partners, we will retaliate.” – added the head of the American Foreign Office.

As a reminder, large cyberattacks on the Colonial Pipeline operator and the meat producer JBS have recently been registered in the United States. The American authorities believe that the hackers may have been from Russia.

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