Anonymous has launched a “dog” cryptocurrency

Anonymous has launched "dog" cryptocurrency

The hacker group Anonymous has published a video in which it announced that it will wage a “war of memes” against Elon Musk and a “cryptocurrency war” against China using the new Anon Inu token.

The well-known hacker group Anonymous has announced the release of its own cryptocurrency called Anon Inu. The organization announced this on YouTube.

The cryptocurrency was named after the Shiba Inu dog breed, similar to Dogecoin. Hackers have announced a great prospect for the digital token market. The creators promised to transfer part of the proceeds to shelters for stray dogs. They also promised bonuses, NFT tokens and other rewards to those who support Anon Inu.

Anonymous says they intend to use Anon Inu to fight Musk in the “meme war” and to fight China in the “cryptocurrency war.”

“China was such an attractive place for miners because electricity was very cheap, especially in remote regions that were close to hydroelectric power plants. Until recently, China was happy to allow miners to operate in the country, but now the government plans to launch its digital yuan and no longer allows any competing cryptocurrencies to be used within its borders, ”the hackers say.

As previously reported , the hacker group Anonymous accused Elon Musk of excessively influencing the bitcoin rate and neglecting the investments of ordinary people.

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