Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in Europe doubled over the past year


Cybercriminal groups have tried to cash in on the most important services associated with the pandemic.

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) said the number of cyberattacks against critical infrastructure in Europe has doubled over the past year. This situation is associated with a pandemic, due to which the majority of employees switched to a remote mode of work.

CNN has obtained a report from the agency’s experts, according to which 304 serious malicious attacks on “critical sectors” were committed in 2020, which is more than double the number of incidents recorded a year earlier (146). The number of attacks on computer networks of hospitals and medical institutions also increased by 47% over the year.

The survey results also show the growing global threat of cyberattacks, especially from the operators of ransomware. Experts noted the tendency of hackers to use the “triple extortion” scheme, when attackers block data on the victim’s systems using encryption and steal it, threatening to publish information on the Internet. The attackers then proceed to the third stage, using the data to blackmail the victim’s clients or partners.

According to experts, the pandemic has forced “many companies to work online. This happened in a hurry, so the management of companies and organizations did not properly take care of cybersecurity.

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