Hacker tried to extort $ 150 thousand from MLB USA

Hacker tried to extort $ 150 thousand from MLB USA

The owner of a streaming pirate site hacked into the Major League Baseball (MLB) system and attempted to extort $ 150,000 from the organization, the US Department of Justice reported on October 28.

Detainee Joshua Straight was charged with telephone fraud, illegal video streaming, threats with the aim of extortion, and two cases of computer hacking. The court can give him up to 37 years in prison, 20 years just for phone fraud.

According to a US FBI spokesman, the defendant hacked into the systems of the major sports leagues in the United States and illegally broadcast live sports games on his website. His HeheStreams website lasted from 2017 to August 2021.

In March 2021, the attacker contacted an MLB representative. Then he tried to get a reward for the vulnerability he discovered in the organization. Since MLB did not have such an incentive program, it did not receive any money.

In September, he contacted MLB again. However, this time the criminal demanded an amount of $ 150 thousand, otherwise, he promised to publish information about the vulnerability of the organization’s system. According to the FBI spokesman, the attacker, when MLB first approached it, only pretended to have good intentions, since by that time he had shown a copyrighted video on his website for a long time.

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